COMING JULY 17-19, 2023

Registration coming soon

About the Conference

For over a decade, the Student Leadership Conference has been about encouraging students to not wait until they are adults to lead. At this conference they will be challenged to respond to what God has been doing in their lives to prepare them to lead.

Year-after-year youth workers confess, “This was the best investment of time and money from my entire year. More happened in 3 days to breathe life into my student leaders than anything we’ve ever done.” We confidently believe this will happen to your students too.

This is not a summer camp… it’s a conference that “feels” like camp. There will be lots of fun, laughter, play, games, mysteries, relationships, etc… combined with GREAT content, practical experiences, challenging themes/messages, hands’ on leadership practice, leadership evaluations/tests, and total empowerment helping teenagers understand that they are leaders.

SLC has proven to be a great opportunity to either begin a student leadership program, OR strengthen an existing one. You won’t regret it. Bring your proven leaders, but also consider bringing some you see potential in.